Recommendations / best practices

To use our API optimized way , please take the time to read these recommendations and implement them .

1. Avoid routine calls each page request

Because this way you risk not only negatively impact the loading time of your pages, but also to quickly reach the call quotas and simultaneous connections imposed by our API .

We recommend what you do instead :

2. Store the results of your API requests

Some information changes very rarely if ever as the statistics of days or months past , for example. It would be interesting to store such information in the cache or database to avoid unnecessary exhaust on your quota ansd asking for more the API .

3. Pull batch of the party and persistent HTTP connections

In order to quickly process a large number of requests , some functions of our APIs allow batch processing . This is for example the case of the function /link/info that allows you to recover up to 20 links information in a single request ! In addition, persistent HTTP connections allow you to go even further with the ability to send multiple queries with a single HTTP connection.